I am in a season of waiting.  Waiting for things to fall into place.  Waiting for things to change.  Waiting for God to move.  Waiting to see where He wants me to move.  I have been in this place of waiting for about three years now.  It has not been easy, but all the while God has been here along side me teaching me how to wait on Him.  It has been one of the hardest things I have ever done.  Trying not rush his plan.  Trying not to take a step without his direction and counsel.  Trying not to want to fix everything myself because, of course, if I could just fix it and He could just bless it—that would be great.

     I have learned a lot about the character of God in the past three years.  I have learned that He wants what is best for us and if we lean into Him He will show us what that best is.  I have learned that I can’t worry about everything.  I have to give everything to Him.  Not a little bit.  Not half of it.  But all of it to Him.  I have had to learn to rest in Him for all things.  He is our provider in all things.  I have learned to rely only on my Heavenly Father for all my needs.  No matter what tried to knock me down He was there to shield me, lift me, or walk me through it.

     Though I can see the light at the end of this season I know I’m not quite done waiting.  And that is okay.  Because I know that whatever God has in store for me can only be good.  I now can fully and utterly say that I trust wholeheartedly in Him no matter what I may be seeing.  I can now say I seek Him first in all things I do.  I may be in a season of waiting, but God is helping me learn how to wait in motion.



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